The psychology of slaying dragons book cover

The Psychology of Slaying Dragons

How do I put this book into brief terms? It’s a book of philosophy and memoirs designed to initiate you into your strongest life. It follows the hero’s journey through loss, addiction, fear, and attachments, and the rise into the way of the warrior.

“If you’ve picked up this book, I assume you’ve felt the stirrings of a storm—a desire to break old cycles of stagnation and become the most beautiful badass you can be. Perhaps you feel let down by society, disillusioned by life, and ready for change. Welcome, brother, to the path of slaying dragons.”

It’s time to slay the dragons that want to keep you small, weak, and miserable. Living life as a heroic deed, and committing to the way of the warrior, is the surest path to victory both inside and out. This book is dedicated to reviving the hero in young men, and inspiring a new culture of connection and excellence in the leaders of tomorrow.


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Kristian Bell writes about philosophy and personal development. He is a content creator on YouTube, author, and mentor for young men. He lives in Durango, CO, where he pursues his passions for martial arts, creativity, and building brotherhood.