1-1 Mentorship Program + Mastermind

The warrior’s initiation is here. It’s time to get serious, get playful, and become your most badass version.

Kristian offers 1-1 mentorship for ambitious men ready to live their strongest lives. 

He helps creatives and entrepreneurs all over the world.

If your ready for a kick in the ass, and the next level of clarity and focus, this is for you. It’s time to go all in, get on your mission, and become a warrior. 

Book a 30 minute consultation below.

kristian bell coaching
Kristian is a transformational coach for creators, warriors, and young men. He has a passion for philosophy, martial arts, and building brotherhood. 

Due to high number of applications recently, there is now a small fee of 10$ to weed out anyone who is not invested. Please email me for all other inquiries beyond coaching and the group mastermind.

Thanks to Kristian, I’ve been accelerating my growth and improving my business, relationships, and addictions. I’m now definitely on a fast track to achieving my goals.

Kristian is not only a great coach, but he is also an amazing accountability partner and a fellow warrior who will be by your side, slaying dragons.

Henrique Centieiro

Venture Capital, Crypto, Entrepreneur