A new kind of Men’s Group

I’m looking for guys like you.

This group is unlike any other. Connect with likeminded young men who are pursuing excellence in all domains of being. This group is designed to push you physically, mentally, spiritually, creatively, and socially.

And the best part is, it’s not thousands of dollars. The first participants get to build this culture with me, get 1-1 coaching, and grow a tight knit community. This opportunity won’t last long. I am looking for leaders to participate and perhaps, help me run future groups.

Why join us?

It’s so hard to become your most beautiful and badass version by yourself. You get overwhelmed, lazy, and fall of the train too often. What you need most is the right allies pushing you and holding you to a higher standard.

There is greatness in you. A flourishing life that is waiting for your full commit. I know you feel it. Are you ready to be held accountable and take consistent steps into who you want to be? It’s time.

Let’s level up together. Apply below for a free discovery call with me to learn more.

kristian bell coaching
Kristian is a transformational coach for creators, warriors, and young men. He has a passion for philosophy, martial arts, and building brotherhood. 

Apply for the Men's Group

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Group Activities:

– Weekly call with Kristian / lessons from The Psychology of Slaying Dragons
– Member led workshops
– Discord chat
– Creative / social / business mastermind
– Weekly challenges –  (Approaching, creative work, physical training, spiritual practice, reading, building brotherhood locally…)