Why we need space and danger, NOT peace and safety…. Once you see this, you can’t unsee it. (A very raw post):

We live in a dim shadow of life. In captivity in a sense. Everyone is repressed. Everyone is walking around so sleepy. Blind to the fact that they could die tomorrow.

This is it! But in our sanitized world, we act like we have infinite time.

How often do you get absolutely wild? How often does vitality and love and power sing through your bones? How often do you make love like this is your last breath on earth?

Probably rarely. If ever…

We aren’t fighting for our lives against nature and other tribes like every single human up until 300 years ago. There is no danger. No threat of death. No great hardship or purpose. No great exploration and expansion. Just a subdued sense of safety and life.

I too feel dimmed. I wasn’t breastfed. I was raised on GMOs and sugar. I killed myself with drugs. I feel tired every day.

But a memory in my blood is awakening. I refuse to be subdued.

My ancestors were warriors and explorers and conquerors.

Many people hate this idea. They hate all the heroes and conquerors of the past. They despise white people for it.

News flash for you, all our ancestors were conquerors and colonialists. Native Americans, Innuits, mongols, african tribes, persians, Scythians, Greeks, romans, celts…. All of them.

They all migrated, conquered new lands, protected their borders, defeated threats, and celebrated their culture and traditions. Until they fell and were conquered…

Your idea of peaceful and enlightened indigenous peoples is an illusion. They were all warriors, and if they were not, they died. Many of them were ruthless, some of them noble. And I honor every culture for its fruits and gifts, but I also acknowledge the messy aspect of life most people condemn.

The instinct of healthy life is to expand. To master new spaces. And to protect the space or kingdom that is already claimed.

I think the problem is, there is no new space anymore. Everything from land, to business, to science, is already owned. Tell me, where is the frontier for our children? For us?

Without a frontier, there can be no ascending life. No great vitality and comradery and shared feeling and purpose.

The frontier is where life expands and develops new resources internally and externally. The hardships of the frontier are what bond men and makes them manly.

Without a shared frontier, their can be no US.  There is no tribe, no community, no shared purpose. No MEN. Settled life always becomes dim and isolated. Without a uniting goal in our personal and collective lives, we will tear ourselves and each other apart. Without shared meaning, we will seek pleasure.

Welcome to the world of captivity. A neurotic place of hypersexualized, neurotic, and subdued people. It seems like we are seeking our own destruction because of it.

We cannot feel the heartbeat of life through the concrete.

I think its time we get honest about what we actually need to flourish. We all want community and belonging and purpose. But the way to get there is not peace and safety. But space and danger. We need a frontier.

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