Awakening to the transcendent domain within you, and centering yourself in it, is at the core of Julius Evola’s philosophy and spiritual practice.

And for me, this idea appeared abstract and esoteric at first. But as I immersed myself in Evola’s work, I felt my inner world come into clarity and order for the first time in my life. simply from this one understanding.

Let’s talk about Transcendence and how this changes everything.

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Where is your center point? What are you centered in?

This is perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself.

And it requires some metaphysical lifting. SO im here to help guide this process and translate evola’s obscure insights into modern speak.

Most people lack a coherent sense of self. They have no center whatsover. They feel themselves to be a multiplicity of voices. Always changing in reaction to the world and circumstances. Because they lack all center, they cannot navigate desires, worries, and actions with any consistency.

Other people are centered in an “identity” or a personality they have fashioned. That identity might orbit around money and being successful, it might orbit around a religious god and heaven, or perhaps their family and role in life. They have an anchor, but it is outside of themselves.

More mature souls out there, have a loose center point within. This is where I stood for most of my years.

I felt myself to be a coherent self. Especially in my calm hours, there has been consistency in my being and feeling.

But my center was vague, broad, and I was unconscious of it.

Ive always identified with being a student and teacher. Being a leader and uniter of people. Being a creator.

Deeper down I have always felt like a spiritual warrior. Whenever I shake off the world and settle into myself, impulses towards strength, serenity, love, and power dominate.

I am all of these things. And I’m also so much more I can’t list here. Just as you are a conglomeration of many instincts and qualities. Perhaps you too feel a consistency within.

But Evola encourages us to go further. Above all of these attributes and feelings  there is the transcendent.

And this is the true center of all higher men.

As it is the center of all great and lasting religions and nations.


Most of you who follow my channel, already have a sense for the Transcendent domain within. It’s why you have taken a path of self-mastery. It’s why you resonate with Nietzsche, stoicism, and other warrior-spiritual philosophies.

The transcendent domain, as I understand it, is the superior and lofty part of yourself.

During deep meditation or in states of presence, this part of you often comes through more clearly.

Evola, thought one great issue with the modern world is we have lost our notion of distance. The great distances that separate our animalistic self, and that of transcendence. The great distance between average men, and exceptional ones.

The transcendent is alien to your mortal worries and desires and fleeting experience.

It is eternal, unchanging. Lofty. Superior.

It is best seen and identified in the heroic.

Heroic acts, are pure embodiments of the transcendent principle.

Christ surrendering on the cross for the sins of mankind.

Buddha, sitting on the immovable spot with absolute resolve, unfazed all the temptations and evils the underworld could throw at him.

The 300 spartans smiling in the gates of Fire, as they fought of hordes of persian invaders on a suicide mission for Greece.

Mothers giving birth, warriors sacrificing themselves for their comrads, and even you, yes you, overcoming your suffering and weaknesses with defiant resolve.

All of these are heroic acts.

And the more centered in the transcendent we become, the more naturally heroic deeds will flow out of us.

You see, self-overcoming, higher discipline, higher freedom, and even high love, all come from the transcendent. And the more aware we are of that connection, and the more we nurture it, the more noble and true we become.

The transcendent lets one become superior to their own individuality. Let me repeat that, The transcendent lets one become superior to their own individuality. And that is essentially what heroism is.

All ancient religions and true esotericism is based on the activated embodiment of transcendence. Living not for this little ego, but fixing yourself in something superior.

This is the old notion of divine kingship. A divine king is someone absolutely anchored in the superior world. He is a vehicle of the transcendent.


So coming full circle here. Become more aware of your superior self.

And center yourself in the transcendent.

This doesn’t mean you always have to be or feel like some hero. Just place your anchor of self correctly.

It simply means connecting to the essential substance of your being, and knowing it for what you are. Have a clear center point that guides your actions. That you return to in times of trouble or uncertainty.

Initiation and meditation practices once guided men into this understanding, but it’s up to you to discover it on your own.

And regardless, most meditation practices today only serve to to help people enter a passive state of ease, presence without comprehension. Because they are wholly disconnected with the superior world.

But I digress…..

And as you build a relationship with the awakened transcendent, your actions and thoughts and feelings will naturally take on a more heroic and pure character. And you will feel more at home and clear than you ever have in your life.

May transcendence be with you. Stay centered my friends.