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Hi!  I’m Kristian  |  Author, Creator, Philosopher, and Sovereignty Coach 

I help young coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs step into their purpose, strength, and financial freedom. 

Are you an aspiring coach who wants to triple your earnings and impact? Are you a youtuber, creator, or aspiring artist wanting to double down on your craft and monetize your passion? Are you seeking to find your creative purpose and financial freedom? 

As a creative and entrepreneur myself, I know the difficulties of the journey and how valuable mentorship can be. I love to inspire and catalyze the young leaders of tomorrow. With years of experience in online business, writing, content creation, youtube, coaching, philosophy, martial arts, and personal development, I approach my work from a very multifaceted background.

Get clarity, accountability, keys to success,  the ultimate mastermind partner, and a kick in the ass. Save yourself years of struggle, and join the hundreds of happy clients I have had the pleasure of serving in the past.

Since working with Kristian I have really found my way as a YouTuber. He has shared a wealth of knowledge gained over his many years of experience and as a result my channel’s growth has accelerated. He’s also really helping me to fine-tune my vision for the future and our meetings always inspire forward movement and confidence in me.

Furthermore, Kristian’s words are encouraging and infused with wisdom. He holds a space that feels warm and free of judgement. I find our sessions hugely insightful and profound, often sparking unexpected changes in my life and way of perceiving the world.

Sending you a big heartfelt thanks Kristian; you’ve awakened the sleeping warrior within me!

Youtuber and English Teacher

Kristian is a young sage. Period. This man’s level of wisdom, knowledge, and action at his age has blown me away … do yourself a favor and see what gems you can glean from his work!

Kevin Orozs

Men's Coach

I have never worked with someone that has been able to hold such a safe, open and comfortable space free from judgement. You are the real deal my friend and I hope you know that.

Working with Kristian over this past year has enabled me to heal ailments I was told were incurable, express and discover myself in a way I’ve never felt comfortable enough to do so before. Sorry to sound cheesy but it enabled me to truly open the files of my own reality.

Kristian shows there is no dream or hope too big to not only reach for, but bring into a living reality and embody.

> Kristian, aside from all this, you’ve also renewed my faith in mankind, myself and I feel as though I’ve found a spiritual brother that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Thank you for hearing me. ❤



So glad that I followed my intuition and decided to work with Kristian. The synergy of working together is fire! 🔥💚 Kristian fully understands his role of highest service to others. Thanks Kristian for assisting with all the personal growth and expansion. Much love brother 🙏

Chris Ayers

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