Grounding into connection, brotherhood, and nature. A raw and transformative experience. 

            Is this just another fluffy spiritual retreat?  

            …. Not at all.

This is an initiation for men. This is about having a deep experience of being alive together. 

Did you know transformation can be a BLAST?

For thousands of years, men have gathered to laugh, train, celebrate, grieve, and come into wild embodiment. 

This is your invitation to come get clear, find your raw expression, and connect. 

We need comrades again. We need to learn to grow as brothers. We need the tools and allies to help us thrive. And most of all, we need a powerful and profound experience to wake us up.

Brothers of the Sun is dedicated to rekindling the fire in man, and building a tribe of warriors.

Let’s climb this mountain together.

NEXT EVENT: Solstice.  June 20 – 23. Hawley, Massachusetts

Tickets starting at 800$

All inclusive 4 day retreat

Only 15 spots available. Taking only men.

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